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a 6-MONTH commitment

the weight loss program

for women of color to lose 20 pounds for good


1:1 coaching program

You know using food as way to cope with your feelings is no longer sustainable. It feels good in the moment but you are left with feeling worse about your body each time you overeat

You know feeling tired with knee and back pain doesn't have to be your be part of your morning routine but you can’t find yourself motivated enough to workout consistently even after trying again on Monday

You’ve downloaded PDF meal plan templates on Google and Youtube but nothing sticks  because the food gets boring

You’ve lost weight before cutting carbs, eating weight loss pills, counting calories, and giving up the most delicious foods from your culture because it isn’t in the "standard" food pyramid you see in the media

as a women of color, eating the typical western diet don't work for you...

Rice is NOT the reason for your weight gain
Same goes for the tamales, pozole, dim sum, and doro Wat with Injera

You want your workouts to be adaptable and customized to help you stay on track no matter what’s going on in your schedule

You f*cken love carbs because you grew up having it with each meal so giving up this delicious macronutrient from your culture isn't sustainable

You want to love how you look again and stop nitpicking every part of your body when you see yourself in the mirror or when you go shopping

You want to eat with your loved ones instead of worrying about cooking a separate dish because food is how you show love and connection at the table as a WOC.

You’re done with tracking calories with MyFitnessPal because it doesn't have the 20+ ingredients you use for your flavorful cultural meals

It's your turn to have control over food, know your body better than diet culture

and feel confident in your skin again

get ready to lose 20 pounds connecting back to your cultural roots, heritage and ancestors

together in 6 months 1:1 coaching, you will...

lose 20 pounds for good

be the most consistent you've ever been with your workouts

feel connected to your body and trust yourself to stop eating when you're done

stop thinking about food and have control over your sweet cravings

detach your self-worth from the scale and get out of the calories in/out mentality

be confident in a bikini without overanalyzing every part of you

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Now I live an active lifestyle. I feel in tune with my mind and body and I feel like I can take on the entire world. I’m no longer helpless and have really come to love myself now more than ever. I love food and have confidence and control around it (no more emotional attachment). 

My body feels comfortable to be in and I can wear all kinds of clothes without feeling self conscious. Overall I feel like I’ve come out of my shell and grew up to be a wonderful person that I enjoy being around. I can almost feel myself shine with how vibrant I’ve become.


1:1 results

melissa t.

My relationship with food and desserts has completely changed. I eat sweets without judgement and now I can have them around me without finishing the whole thing. 

My workouts are now actually consistent and I'm much stronger. I went from not being able to do a single pushup to now doing multiple regular pushups in a workout. I don't dread working out because I listen to what my body needs, and I don't shame myself for not "pushing hard enough". I've changed my relationship with the scale.

1:1 results

liz w.

-15 pounds

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what you get in 6 months 1:1 coaching

the weight loss program for women of color

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Something came up before or after the call?

You'll have Coach Sam in your backpocket to text or voice note how you're feeling and get coaching support on demand.

whatsapp access between calls


We dive deep on what's keeping you stuck, adjust when progress isn't happening fast enough, and look into your life and work stressors so you can take action on your nutrition and workout plan daily no matter what's happening.

You will be held accountable every week to lose 20 pounds for good this time.

Weekly 50 mins 1:1 coaching calls


No cookie cutter meal template that only works when you're stuck at home. I teach you how to create your own nutrition plan so you can be in control of your own food.

You'll know exactly what works for your body, how to portion, conquer your sweet cravings all while eating your cultural foods in a healthy way.

customized nutrition plan


Get workouts made for your body type and current stamina with adjustments made for you as you get stronger, traveling, or have schedule changes.

Your workouts will always evolve with you and never set in stone like a template.

customized workout plan (at home or gym)


Go deeper with portioning, maintaining your weight after losing it, controlling cravings, and how to overcome emotional eating between calls.

You are supported even when you're not coaching with Sam.

Access to 1:1 weight loss portal


Get support on performing exercises correctly and safely so you can avoid injuries to stay consistent.

If you're a Minnesota resident, you will train in-person with Coach Sam. For all other residents, these sessions will be held on Zoom.

6x 1:1 In-person or virtual training sessions




samantha lee


She is a Hmong-American from Saint Paul, Minnesota, the eldest daughter of refugee/immigrant parents. She has been in her weight loss journey for 11 years.

When she first started, Sam was pressured to conform to Westernized standards of healthy and avoided Hmong food for a long time as Asian foods were seen "unhealthy" to lose weight in mass media.

She stripped her cultural identity to eat the white diet only to find that it wasn't sustainable. It didn't allow her to eat her momma's cooking without guilt.

After healing her relationship with food, her mission is to voice the cultural differences in the weight loss industry to empower women of color (WOC) to reclaim control over their bodies, encourage them to embrace foods from their cultural backgrounds without shame.

I am more attuned with my body; I know how to listen to it. I know when I am hungry and full or when something doesn't sit well. Addressing the shame I had around food and getting to the root and purpose of emotional eating is life-changing.

My confidence has also increased and not dependent on my body image. I feel more comfortable in my body and honoring it more when I am shopping. Now, I exercise daily and am okay with having a rest day if I want to. I no longer fear the intensity and know what feels good for my body.

-17 pounds

1:1 results

claudia b.

Before, I was overeating, emotional eating, ate out 4-5 times a week, couldn't stick to workout routine. I wasn't confident in taking pictures and it felt hard walking up the stairs without feeling out of breath. When I couldn't stay consistent, always made myself feel bad for not going to work out. 

Now, I have control and confidence with food whenever I eat. I workout 3 times a week, fit into the clothes I want and I feel more excited to take pictures because I am not asking if I look fat as soon as I see it.

1:1 results

duacha y.

-25 pounds

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khou v.

I love myself more than ever now. I can keep myself accountable. I no longer label food as "good" or "bad" and can eat my Hmong food and my mom's cooking. In this program, I had to unlearn the fad diets I've tried and it blew my mind because I know what's best for my body now.

"i lost 10 pounds"

crystal a.

I love my body more and I feel more confident. Wearing a two piece bikini doesn't make me feel sh*tty and I don't stress eat as much because I handle stress much better now. My workouts are also consistent because it's just a decision away. I'm not going back and forth with myself anymore.

"I went from lifting 12 pound dumbbells to 200+ pounds"

betty x.

"I lost 5 inches off my waist"

I don't find losing weight that difficult anymore when it used to consume me a lot. I feel much more confident in clothing now. I have a healthy distance with the scale and I have confidence in all my food choices. I know when I am full, when I am hungry, what time I eat would give me good energy AND I'm eating whatever I want!


$4500 payment plan option

$780/month for 6 months.

For additional payment plan methods, book a free sales call with Sam to learn what works best for you in a 6-month period.

Bonus Includes:

Confidence day with Coach Sam to map out your before and after nutrition, workout and mindset 20 pound maintaining plan

1x additional month of coaching (7 months total)

$4500 Pay in full bonus


the investment of 1:1 coaching program

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I highly recommend the program to anyone looking for support, accountability, and guidance in losing weight without pressure and eating the food they love without shame.

Everything we've been told about weight loss is basically a lie. If you can find the courage to be willing to start over doing it YOUR WAY, you'll will lose weight this time.

If this has been bothering you for so long, and you're wondering "is this just like another diet out there", I can tell you this is a totally different program because Sam will guide you to cure those unhealthy patterns we hold around our body, food, and exercises for good. This is not a quick fix, but it's a permanent fix. 

what clients are saying about the 1:1 program

claudia b.

liz w. 

betty x.

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Sam is the most genuine and caring coach I've ever encountered. She really cares about your success and really helps you dig deep into your own thoughts and feelings. She knows more about me than my best friends and that's something I appreciate so much!! From personal life issues to fitness Sam really helps you work though it all. She's so amazing. 

The program is 100% worth it. It was a life changing experience to no longer struggle with your weight anymore. The moment you say yes, you are already one step closer to the healthy life you’ve always deserved. 

1:1 coaching has been life-changing. Before the program, I was doing many unsuccessful programs such as the eight-week challenge, Vshred, and taking supplements and protein shakes. Now, I can enjoy the foods I love, i no longer have  low energy. I stay active and my body feels healthy.

Sam is provides the best of both worlds. She creates space for you and helps you uncover your blindspots as a coach, AND she knows what's she's talking about when it comes to safe and effective fitness and holistic nutrition. 

duacha y.

melissa t.

liz w.

pazong t.

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Apply for 1:1 coaching by booking a free sales call with Coach Sam. On the call, you'll go over your weight loss goal, all the things you've tried losing weight, and get a better understanding of what’s keeping you stuck and inconsistent in your journey.

Coach Sam will then provide tangible next steps based on your unique situation to help you lose 20 pounds and how this would be implemented during your time together.

From there, you make a decision about 1:1 coaching to see if it's a great fit for you.

you've made it this far. chat with coach sam and get started

I used to feel self-conscious about my belly and thighs. I bloat easily and didn't feel comfortable in it. I was eating to survive and didn't think much about food because I was stressed. Whenever I workout, the motivation would last for a few weeks but it would stop when something comes up. Now, I take care of my body and health consistently and show up for it.

kia l.

"i love looking at myself in the mirror and have such deep appreciation for my body now."

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My body is always changing and this won’t be the final stage. I am more fit, strong and flexible. Working out consistently is easier. I love taking care of my health for me versus from a place of “I want to look like an Instagram model or fit society’s beauty standards. After the program, I am the healthiest version of myself.

julie h.

"i learned that my hmong food isn't unhealthy. i love it and i can continue to eat it and see progress."

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